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Kyla och luftkonditionering
Industriella, marina och petrokemiska lösningar
Cryogenic Applications
Core Foam Application
High temperature insulation engineered to withstand mechanical impact.
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HT/Armaflex S is a flexible, closed cell and UV resistant, extruded elastomeric rubber insulation with a polyolefin coating. Based on the excellent technical values of HT/Armaflex it is the perfect solution wherever protection against mechanical impact is required. With its enhanced surface protection, HT/Armaflex S can be installed outside without additional protective measures.
  • UV resistant and impervious to sunlight or weathering
  • Remains flexible at high temperatures of up to 150 °C
  • Easy installation, no special tools required
  • Built in vapour barrier prevents condensation
  • Low thermal conductivity minimises energy loss resulting in higher efficiency of the equipment
  • PVC free
Thermal insulation for pipework, solar collectors, motor vehicles, hot gas lines, steam and dual temperature lines, refrigerant pipes located either indoors or outdoors e.g. pipework of water chillers or VRF/VRV multisplit systems

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